How we Mirror League Bans - Ban Status for Johva / Slav

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Evening all,

Wanted to clear up some misconceptions and queries surrounding users currently banned from other leagues. Our ruleset will be properly updated to reflect what is said here. Currently, we mirror Cheating, Alternate Account and Toxicity bans from associated leagues (more info on this can be found in our ruleset), and while we will mirror these bans, we will modify punishments where we see fit.

Johva STEAM_0:1:105847767
slav STEAM_0:1:429538954

The user Johva / Slav was found to be using alternate accounts within the ozfortress league, and as such was given a 6 month ban commencing June 28th. It has now been 2 months since his ban on ozfortress, and we feel in the spirit of opening our new league, that we will halve his ban period to 3 months. What this means is he will be able to participate in Season 1, from the 28th of September. We are not wiping the slate clean however, and any future incidents will be counted as his second ban.

If you are currently banned from a league for any reason, you must first consult with our team as to the processes of having your ban reviewed. Failure to do so is considered as the user is trying to circumvent the ruleset, and will result on harsher punishments.

Respawn League team.