Signups are Extended, Asia Region Status, Announcing RLHL Map Cup for Asia.

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Signups are being extended

We understand how it is difficult to get teams together quickly, while it is true once you have 9 players you can signup to the Season 1 league and then you can add players to the roster all the way up to Week 6 (Roster Lock), we are extending the Signups. Signups will now close on Friday the 14th of September. This should allow for more teams to signup to the league, and a video for which will be coming out soon.

The Asia region Season 1 is being delayed

While we did say we were hoping to only delay the season by a maximum of a few weeks, as a team we have decided to ensure the smooth roll-out and release of the AUS / NZ region Season 1. This means the first season for the Asia region will be starting when Season 2 of AUS / NZ starts early next year.

Announcing RLHL Map Cup for Asia

This decision has been made as delaying the release any further this year would put it into the holiday break. While this is sad news for all those wishing to play this season, we have some good news for you. There will be our first Respawn League Highlander Map Cup for Asia sometime late October (date will be announced later). While this doesn't make up for all the mishaps, we feel it would be good to test new community / stock maps in a Highlander setting. We understand both regions have different opinions on different maps, this is why there will be map votes for the new maps after the Cup has ended, which the entire community gets to vote on.

Again, I personally, along with the rest of my team, would like to apologize to the Asia region for all of the mix up of information and news releases on the status of the league in the region, but we feel by delaying it one season we will be able to ensure a smooth release, along with providing more servers in the region for your use.