Respawn League Highlander - Season 1 AUS / NZ

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RLHL Season 1
Yup, we did it. We are officially marking the commencement of our first ever season, RLHL Season 1 for the Australia / New Zealand region. So as you can expect, there is going to be a lot of information here, so please make sure to read this as it will answer many of the common questions we have been receiving. We are using Citadel to run our league website. Citadel is a framework built by ozfortress' /dev/zero, which allows for simple and elegant league websites with high reliability and uptime. Without his amazing contributions with this project, we wouldn't be able to bring you something as quickly as we have. We are open to any and all suggestions, and we intend to cater towards hardcore veterans, newcomers, 6v6 players and returning Highlander players.

As of this announcement, we have 15 teams ready to play in Week 1. There will be one division, our Open division. In future seasons, if we have roughly 20 - 24 teams total, we will split the divisions based on team skill, however for now we are content with one division.

You will be able to book servers from our Discord later in the season, as our booker bot is still in development. Once it is available, you will be able to do /book in the #book-server channel. More information on this will be released as it comes. For now, if you need a match server, the following providers have our configs. If you need help with Administration, please visit our Server Administration page.

  • Qixalite
  • ozfortress
  • CPU.TF

While signups are now locked, you can still recruit players and join teams. If you are looking for a team, you can check our Forums or go to the #lf-team channel on our Discord. If you are looking for players for your established team, don't fret, you can still get them on your Player Pool by inviting them, then you can request a Transfer. Admins will approve your request at their earliest convenience. All transfers are accepted and those players can be used in the following weeks, but not the week of the request.

Please ensure you have enough substitute players. The minimum required players is 9, with the maximum limit being 15. We feel this is a good enough amount without allowing too much roster riding.

All Semi Finals and Grand Finals matches that can be streamed, will be through CappingTV with a combination of experienced casters from both ends. I doubt this will change, but eventually we would like to start a casting organization for Highlander.

Seedings, Week 1 Matches and other Fixtures are released Sunday morning. If you have any issues with this, ping us in #support.

Map Pool / Schedule

In order from Week 1 - 12

Playoffs Bo3, with Maps chosen from Regular Season Map Pool.