Season 1 Week 3: Gullywash

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 3, the third iteration of matches in Respawn League Season 1. Please make sure you're checking your alerts and using your match comms to communicate with the other leaders.

The map being played this week is Gullywash (cp_gullywash_final1)

If you have any problems or queries regarding this weeks match or the league in general, you can visit our Discord on the right of the page and seek admin support.

  • You can download the map by clicking here.
  • You can see the map schedule here.

(If you're having trouble setting up a server, you can use this guide for a guideline.)

We've noticed that some players are having a bit of confusion over the whole utilization of Mercenaries which I'd like to reiterate. Any player that are not on your Active Roster is a Mercenary. Your Active Roster is the roster that you have signed up for Season 1 with - NOT your Player Pool. You can check this roster by heading to your team page and finding the heading labeled "Active roster for <team> playing in Open for RLHL AUS / NZ - Season 1". If you are needing a Mercenary, you are required to send your desired Merc's Steam / Profile link (found on their Respawn League user page) to the opposing Captain for approval. The opposing Captain can deny unreasonable Mercenaries, however, you have the right to contact the Admin Team if you believe they themselves are being unreasonable in denying your Merc(s).

  • You are allowed a max of two Mercenaries per match.
  • You are allowed a max of eight Mercenaries for the season.
  • You cannot use the same Mercenary in more than three officials.

(Note: In accordance with the league’s rules, you are required to put the Mercenaries profile link or league account name in the match comms, as well as proof of the opposing Captains approval of said Merc.)