Season 1 Week 5: Badwater

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Hello everyone, we're now in Week 5 of Respawn League Season 1. Please make sure you're checking your alerts and using your match comms to communicate with the other leaders.

The map being played this week is Badwater (pl_badwater_pro_v12).

If you have any problems or queries regarding this week's matches or the league in general, you can visit our Discord on the right of the page and seek admin support.

  • You can download the map by clicking here.
  • You can see the map schedule here.

(If you're having trouble setting up a server, you can use this guide for a guideline.)

We'd like everyone to re-read the rules for Match Deadlines / Match Negotiations:

  • You cannot reschedule a match more than twice, you must check your team is available on your desired day before you confirm it.
  • Failure to commence / complete Match Negotiations by 11:59 PM AEST Tuesday will result in the team who has started Match Negotiations receiving their ideal Match Time and Day. Make sure you are regularly checking the website for the weekly match.

Please use the Admin-Support channel in the Discord before you message staff individually. The chances of a fast response are increased when you notify all members of staff through this channel, opposed to a singular member of staff that may or may not be at their computer. If you desperately need help from staff, message the Moderators (purple tag in Discord) first. They will then escalate the problem to other members of staff if required.

NOTE: The Ruleset for Respawn League is being updated to cover all new updates, please make sure you have a scan through them for any new rules you might not have read.