A note on behaviour on Respawn League services

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Before getting into this topic, I would like to reiterate our community vision:

We aim for our community to be one of inclusiveness, good hearted fun
and enjoyment. The sole purpose of this league is to be for the
community, by the community. If you feel we go out of these bounds,
tell us. If you feel we aren’t communicating enough, or we are not
addressing issues well enough, let us know.

In light of any and all allegations, recent or otherwise, I feel it is appropriate to discuss as a community the standards we set for ourselves. At Respawn League, we expect every member of our community, players, captains, administrators and other officials, to follow a basic set of standards that work in tandem with other basic values such as common sense.

While this topic has already been covered by numerous entities, we feel it is important to reiterate this in an official capacity.