Asia Highlander Season 1 - Map Schedule & More Information!

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After a period of uncertainty, we are closing signups for Asia Highlander on Sunday 24th @ 10PM GMT +8. While it is a late start to our season, we will be a six week regular season and normal length playoffs season, however it will eat into our regular season break (probably only one week).

We have secured server providers for the region, a list of which can be seen in our #how-to-get-a-server channel of our discord. We have ensured that all bookable providers have our configs and whitelists. If you would like to see our whitelist, refer to the link at the bottom of this post.

Our weekly schedule is now opened to a 6 day match week, with Monday being the only day that cannot be played. By opening Tuesday - Sunday up, we can give everybody the option to schedule their matches around other commitments.

We understand our initial release of the season was not successful, but we believe by listening to further feedback we can shape our league into something the community can get behind. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to drop it in our #ticket-submissions channel, you can use .new to create a ticket and drop feedback in anonymously. By using this bot, we can easily keep track of any and all feedback.

Map Schedule (Regular Season):
1. pl_borneo
2. koth_product_rc9
3. pl_upward
4. cp_steel
5. koth_ashville_rc1
6. pl_badwater_pro_v12
Playoffs map pool includes the 6 maps above.

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