An Open Letter - Toxicity and Poor Behaviour

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This addressed to all players, captains and wider community members. We will no longer tolerate toxicity inside and outside of matches, we will no longer tolerate witch hunts targeted at someone you feel “may” be using a third party program, and we will no longer tolerate poor behaviour at any level of play.

There seems to be a general ignorance for rules surrounding our league, and we would like to clear some things up:

To claim a forfeit due to the other team not readying up 15 minutes after your own team has readied, you must seek an online staff member. We will then mediate the process between both captains. It is your responsibility to respectfully make the other captain aware that you have contacted a staff member regarding this.

“How you use the pauses are up to you, but cannot in any circumstances be used within the first 10 minutes of the match” this rule is overly vague, we understand that. The rule still stands, if you have started a match without all of your players, you cannot use a pause to get them in for the first 10 minutes of a match. If you lose a player within this time then of course you can use your pause. In fact, you can use 3 pauses per match, with each not lasting any longer than 5 minutes, and combined cannot be over 10 minutes.

If you are unsure about any rules, refer to our rules page or ask in #admin-support. Please be aware some rules have been amended since and still need to be updated on the rules page.

Now to the topic that way too many people are now aware of. When you come across a suspected “cheater”, there is a certain process to follow. In fact, this process is almost the same for every league. The funny part about it being the same, is that typically the opposite is also true. For example, there is no point publicly pointing the finger at someone you suspect to be cheating, this will just force them to become smarter about how they play with their clients.

A post originally by madjacks and obla on the ozfortress forums perfectly sums up what we have seen so far, and what the expectations are.
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I highly suggest reading the rest of their post, it sums up our feelings right about now.

I think by now you should be getting the point on both of these subjects. Now something I do want to make sure everybody is on the same page about is the punishments. We have never tried to introduce an environment where we sweep this behaviour under the rug, and this behaviour is not acceptable in any public medium, anywhere. For the people who have involved themselves, and for anyone else who knows what situations have occurred for this post to be made, then please also be aware that if you are caught throwing fuel to the fire so to speak, you won’t be around for much longer.