Some much needed website updates and fixes

/ News

These are a long time coming, and are not all of the fixes that will be released. Please find a short, simplified list of the changes made so far below:

- Updated Competitive Rules page with all necessary information.
- Updated Community Rules, Staff List, Map Schedule and Credits pages.
- Updated About and Help pages.
- Removed Highlander Guide and replaced with Website Guide which will be coming shortly.
- Server Guide has been moved to the forums for easier updating.
- Fixed SourceTV Demos link.
- Added Forums back to the left sidebar / navbar.
- Fixed some scalability and responsiveness issues.
- Added Steam Group link to the right sidebar (check our Steam Group out!)

There are more changes to come, more content and better features. Some of the upcoming changes and features can be found below (but not limited to):

- Entire page dedicated to further explaining the Swiss System and Bracketing.
- Pugs Guide