Respawn League Ban - Fuzz

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Steam / ID - / 76561193861905602
Discord ID - 404872924319842324
Common Alias - Fuzz

The user mentioned above has been found asking multiple community members for Illicit and/or Illegal Content, Disrespecting Administrators, Poor Match Organization and borderline Match Fixing. This ban excludes this user from all Respawn League services, Community and Competitive.

Permanent League Ban, Permanent Community Ban.

We want to take this opportunity to reaffirm where we stand on the Respawn League and other platforms. We will not allow members of our community to be harassed and patronized for illicit or illegal content in any form, over any medium.

Attempting to circumvent our Bans / Infraction System is not something we encourage. Should ANY teams or users be found trying to harbor this user on a Roster, via Alternate Accounts or through associated platforms, we will mirror the punishments of this ban onto you.

Ban has been extended due to the leaking and use of a personal image in a public manner (via Steam Profile).