Behaviour within our community, and people's personal privacy.

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We feel it’s important to preface this statement with this; the message we are trying to convey here is more important than the punishments that are going to be handed out. While most think this type of situation is cut and dry, where certain offenders need to be punished, it is not that simple. We, along with this entire community, will not tolerate the use, sharing or distribution of a person or peoples’ personal information, in any form, over any platform or medium.

It pains us that this even needs to be discussed as this should already be second nature or common sense, but the entire Competitive TF2 community was built on a drive to play the game in a competitive manner. We have never had the level of support from it’s developer that other games have, yet we have managed so much together, and we feel it is important to remember that this community is only as good as it’s members. Without the right attitude, support and of course, our community our league along with many others would not have been able to make it as far as we have.

If our community, regardless of league or region, is to live up to and continue what we have accomplished, then we need to do that with the compassion, drive and love of the game that built it in the first place. It is on that note that we as a league declare this now; we will no longer tolerate the abuse of others, poor behaviour and unneeded problem makers. We are more than happy to use our new Infraction System, along with all the abilities, trust and power invested in us to be apart of a larger movement to keep this game’s community to the same compassionate standard it has always been.

For those affected by the; misuse, abuse, sharing or distribution of personal images, names and other private information, we have but only one thing we can say. The Respawn League would like to apologize on behalf of those who have wronged, as a league and as friends, for allowing this to continue as long as it has. Our intention was not to be too reactive in this situation and help bring other organizations into the fold to present a unified action, be it through statements or even punishments. To reiterate our view, we feel the message is more important than the punishments, however we would like to recognize and apologize for what could be viewed as inaction in this situation.