Highlander Guide

Getting Started

Are you new to Highlander? Maybe new to Team Fortress 2 entirely? Maybe you're just not familiar with competitive TF2. This guide will give you everything you need to know and how to participate, find teams, and play.

Unfamiliar with Competitive TF2?

We feel the Ready Up documentary summarises everything in the best medium possible. All rights go to respective entities.

New to Highlander?

Highlander is a 9 vs. 9, one of each class competitive format. Highlander has been around for several years, being started by the community, for the community. We believe we can continue and further Highlander with this virtue in mind. Highlander has featured Stopwatch, King of the Hill, Control Point, Attack / Defend and Capture the Flag in its lifetime. While some of these are no longer played, we believe they played a crucial part in getting Highlander to where it is today.

Using Citadel

Participation in the Respawn League Highlander format is not exclusive in any way. It will always remain a free service. The only form of monetary gain we have is Patreon, purely for server costs.

Joining a Team

With that out of the way, it is very easy to join a team by visiting our Discord's #lf-team channel, and making a post for your preferred class. As for signing up to Citadel, you need to login to your Steam account through the Steam icon on the right of the navigation bar. This will start the user creation process. After you have signed in, we ask that you make your Citadel username your most notable username.

Once you have found a team, the team leader will send an invite through Citadel, in which you will find the notification under the little bell icon to the right of all the navigation links. By clicking on this notification or going to the team page, you will be directed to a join team button.

Create your own Team

You are always more than welcome to make your own team. This can be done by going to the Teams page, clicking on Start Team and you can go from there. If you want to find players, we have a #lf-players channel in our Discord.

Signing your Team up to the new Season

Once you have the minimum of 9 players on your Team, you can sign up to the Season. We suggest getting a few Substitute players first, as you do have a limited amount of Mercenaries per Season.

Once you think you are ready, navigate to League > Seasons, click on the Current Season and click Signup. Once you've done this, an administrator will approve your roster at their earliest convenience. Please do not message them about this, as they will most likely ignore it.

Still stuck?

If you are still unsure as to how to sign up, make a team, register the team into the current season, or would just like a visual explainer, we have prepared a YouTube video for this.

Recording POV Demos

There are an unlimited amount of tutorials on recording your own Point of View In-Game Demos. We recommend one of the two following methods:

Both methods are as good as the other, we have found that PREC is more robust, and is verified by Valve as safe to use.

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