[SEASONAL LEAGUE] AUS/NZ Highlander - Season 1: Open

Week 6: lizlamic state vs Crippled Airlines

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Thursday, Friday
Match Comms

[7:38 PM]
🎃 doɹsɔɥǝ911ƃʇ3 🎃 (porsche):
What time would you like?
I can do Monday or Friday

[7:38 PM]
bradding on the haters:
monday at 8 would be perfect

[7:38 PM]
🎃 doɹsɔɥǝ911ƃʇ3 🎃 (porsche):
Fine with me too!

Crippled Airlines beat lizlamic state 2-0

Logs have not been posted by the winning team.
We've reiterated that they need to be posted for scores to be submitted. It is the responsibility of the winning team captain to post logs, unless the other team has agreed to do it. If they aren't posted prior to 10pm tomorrow, we will be overturning the result and giving Lizlamic the win. It is the same in every competitive league, and we aren't tolerating this further.

logs.tf/2142915 logs.tf/2142916