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Sat Jul 11 16:36:13 2020

AU/NZ Highlander Season 6 - Playoffs

Before getting into things, we would like to congratulate every team that has made it into the playoffs for this season, along with every team who played this season. Without you, we wouldn't be able to run two divisions for the very first time!

Premier division:

  1. red.pandas
  2. pipes on point
  3. Children in Africa
  4. style points

Main division:

  1. ATECH
  2. Nuclear Ratz
  3. mals simps
  4. kenya fortress

There are some important changes that came into this season regarding playoffs to try to encourage more competition and a shorter overall season runtime. Double Elimination has been retired in favor of Page Playoffs which operates more closely to Single Elimination. For example, the 3rd and 4th seed match up against each other and the loser is eliminated, with the 1st and 2nd seed going head to head with the winner moving straight to the finale. The victor of the 3rd/4th game will go up against the loser of the 1st/2nd game and decide who is brought to the finals. This means the playoffs will run for a total of 3 weeks.

Due to the smaller divisions, each division will only have the top 4 rankings advance to playoffs. To clarify for those who are curious, Valve has renamed our existing badges for us and added Premier badges. These will share the same models, but will have a different name.

There are some playoffs unique rules that come into effect that everyone needs to be aware of:

  • Mercenary usage throughout playoffs needs to be approved by both the captain/s of the opposing team AND a League Administrator. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.
  • There are no forfeits allowed in playoffs brackets.
  • Due to the low match count that comes with smaller playoffs brackets, you will have a staff member assigned to oversee everything regarding your match; from mercenaries, scheduling, disputes and just to answer any general questions you have.

If you have questions regarding anything, or merely need help during playoffs, please contact either your assigned staff member or reach out through #admin-support in our discord.

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Tue Jun 23 21:10:40 2020

Mirror Ban: Passion/rose

Mirrored League Ban

Passion STEAM_0:1:57964303
rose STEAM_0:1:420116484

The named player has been found using an alternate account to play in the ozfortress league. As such, this player has been banned from, the community's competitions, and all other ozfortress properties for a period of 6 months, after which time the persons will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Source: ozfortress ban: Passion/rose -

In the spirit of upholding standards upon our league and it's players, we will be mirroring this user's ozfortress ban for the full duration, which after this period their ban will be reviewed. This ban covers League Participation and other Respawn League services. We are mirroring the ozfortress ban as we feel it is important to provide consistency in punishment across our region. Avoiding our Bans system is something we do not encourage, as you can see above.

Thu May 14 16:47:59 2020

Seasonal league changes

Welcome to our new friends who are joining us in the League of Evil Administrators

Before we discuss any of the changes we are making to this season, we would like to welcome some new league administrators to our ever-expanding team. Quick side note, we are still looking for more Asia region league administrators to fill out our team, if this position tickles your fancy, please give our application a look. Without anymore delay, we would like to officially welcome both omni and bird as new probationary league administrators. We have adopted a probationary system publicly due to some past administrative mishaps; this period will last for 6 months on which they will become full league administrators. However please do not let this fool you, they have full administrative abilities, and as such deserve the full respect you would give any other staff member.

Map Pool changes, additions and... Ashville?

Coming into this season, we put a focus on the map feedback provided through our poll. We have heard your opinions on 5CP as a gamemode in Highlander, so we want to try one more thing. For this season we will be replacing Vanguard with Gullywash, a popular map played in European Highlander. We have evaluated our map pool from the previous season, taking into consideration the feedback regarding every map in the pool and have changed our stance on Coalplant / Ashville. While Coalplant is typically favoured by European players over its sister map Ashville, with the release of RC2A for Ashville (the “Spring Refresh”) we have decided to move back to this new version of Ashville as it offers a more complete experience featuring numerous bug fixes, gameplay changes and a new design. Our complete map pool and weekly map schedule for Season 6 can be seen at the bottom of this page.

TF2 Competitive Fixes

While we have previously discussed the TF2 Comp Fixes plugin made by twiikuu, we are amending those listed changes to fall into line with what ozfortress has chosen to run, this is to promote consistency in competitive play within our region. Our list of “fixes” can be seen below:

sm_fix_sticky_delay 1 (this is just a straight bug fix)
sm_fix_slope_bug 1 (this also is just a bug fix, a much sought after one)
sm_rest_in_peace_rick_may 255 (will hide the Rick May tributes and make them have no collisions)

Roster limits, again, are being changed (but I promise, you'll like this change)

Another point of contention in the past has been our roster limit. For some history, we initially started out with 17 as the maximum number of players allowed on a single roster in Highlander, however coming into Season 4 we had discussed changing the overall roster limit to 15. Ever since, we have been adamant on our 15-player limit. This was to try promoting less inactivity from substitute players overall, especially on higher up teams along with trying to promote more teams (again mainly focused at the top end). This is perhaps one of the most contended points we have had thus far (other than cp_vanguard which will not return, do not worry), but for this season it is something we plan to change. Our original worry with reverting this change was not that we were not willing to change the roster limit but that it was a very particular vocal small minority initially. As the seasons have gone on, we have seen a more even split regarding roster limit in terms of where the votes are coming from. It is with this knowledge that we will be reverting the roster limit change, bringing the maximum number of players allowed on a Highlander active roster to 17 players once again.

We are working towards clearing up inconsistencies in our ruleset

With that last point we can probably just drop the mic, since most people are most likely here for that, but we have another focus you should know about. With the aim of future seasons being a refinement on our existing ruleset, we will be ensuring that our ruleset is explained and documented in a more thorough and concise way, avoiding any further vagueness or confusion.

Where does this leave Asia?

Please note that all of the changes mentioned above in this post are also retroactively applied to the upcoming season of Asia Highlander Season 5, however we have further documentation coming for it specifically which will cover some key grievances expressed by you; improved administration / more league administrators, more regional server providers through potential third party organizations, as well as better guides and tools for transitioning from other leagues or formats, or if you are new. Please keep in mind these changes will be made over time, but we are excited for what the future of all our supported regions holds.

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Fri May 8 22:35:41 2020

AU/NZ Highlander Season 6 signups now open!

Wed Apr 29 19:54:26 2020

Upcoming season changes, key dates & season poll

It's been a while since we've posted here, as these days we use Discord more for news or updates, just a casual plug. Coming into this upcoming season, we wanted to make a range of changes before the poll was released, then make further changes using the data given to us by you in the poll. We've put a list of these changes below, and want to keep this post as brief as possible but give you all of the info you need. Signups will open on the 8th of May, you can find the rest of the key dates in the link at the bottom of this post.

  • Playoffs finally shifted to Page Playoffs from Double Elimination.
  • Entire season now runs 10 weeks regardless, Top 4 team playoffs enforced.
  • If we get 12 or more teams, we will split the divisions as a test, however a permanent switch will require more teams.
  • For this season, we will be using the "Fix for Sticky Delay" from the TF2 Comp Fixes plugin by twiikuu. We are going only with this fix as we believe this is the only issue that truly can be summed up to be just a bug, not a possible design decision by Valve.

This seasonal poll puts a heavier focus on each map because we want to know what you would like to see. Have a map suggestion? You can put it in there! A link to the poll can be found below.

Seasonal Poll (April 2020)

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