Competitive Ruleset

General Disclaimer: the staff team reserves the right to make any and all decisions on behalf of the league, including but not limited to disputes and rule changes. What we say is final, but we ask that you remember that we are the same as you, we are just a bunch of gamers who wish to see Highlander continue. We ask that you treat us, your fellow league users and other entities with such respect, standards and abilities.

Season Structure

Regular Season

Regular season operates for a period of 7 weeks with matches organised using a Swiss System for Main and Round Robin for Premier. Each week consists of two maps with win conditions being best of 1-half.

Match days for AUS/NZ are Monday to Friday with the default being Wednesday 8:00 PM GMT+10, while ASIA is Wednesday to Sunday with the default being Saturday 9:00 PM GMT+8. Please refer to section 2.1. Match Deadlines for more information.


After completion of the Regular Season, the top four teams continue to playoffs. This will run over a 3 week period with win conditions being best of 3, 1 half and grand finals best of 5, 1 half. Matches are organised using the Page Playoff system.

Teams who make it to Playoffs will have the ability to substitute their spot in the bracket for another team below them in the Seeding if they are unable to fill a roster reflecting the minimum player requirement or simply do not wish to participate, provided they alert the staff team prior to the Playoffs Confirmation Date, any team whom does this within the Confirmation Date will not receive any form of penalties, and each team below them will be moved up a Seeding. Failure to alert the staff team of this decision prior to this date will incur an immediate removal process from the league for the rest of that season's duration, in which, depending on the situation could result in a delayed penalty for Team Captains (post Playoffs). Please note if either side of this process is committed, the team will only receive a Participation Medal.

Season Break

The Season Break will last for 1-2 months, during which teams have the opportunity to organise pre-season scrims, player rosters and creation and disbandment of teams. On occassion we may provide pre-season matches generated through Citadel.

Out of Region Teams / Players

The league will only cover Australia and New Zealand, along with Asia. Any other region will have to ask for express permission to participate.

At this current point in time, cross play between both regions isn't feasable. With this in mind, we do intend to support a league in the Asia region. There will be a list of server providers for all regions under the Help tab.

As for rules, we do not intend to allow more than a maximum of 3 out of region players in each team. If you want to add an out of region player to your roster, you must first contact our team for express permission.

Please make contact with the staff team before attempting to sign up an out of region player.

If you have enquiries relating to this, feel free to contact us.


There are various systems that are utilised depending on the game mode or division that is being run. Review the Swiss and Round Robin descriptions below.


Swiss-system can accommodate for a larger set of teams while maintaining tournament length. In comparison to Round Robin, there are considerably fewer rounds; however, each contestant does not necessarily play all competitors.

Round Robin

Round Robin is setup so that each contestant by end of the regular season would have competed against all other contestants. This inturn tries to create the fairest way of determining the top seeded teams by contestants that win the most games.

Page Playoff

The Page playoff system accommodates 4 teams competing over 3 rounds. This gives the top two seeded teams a second chance if they are to lose their first match. Below represents how the matches are organised over the period.

  • 1st-week matches are organised by 1st and 2nd seed, and 3rd and 4th seed. Subsequently, the loser is eliminated from the lower seed match and upper seed match-winner moves to grand finals.
  • The 2nd-week match is organised by upper seed loser vs lower seed winner. Subsequently, the loser is eliminated.
  • The 3rd-week match is organised by upper seed winner vs 3rd place decider winner.

Match Structure

Match Deadlines

All Match Organization must be complete prior to the below times for each region:

  • Australia / New Zealand - Tuesday, 11:59 PM GMT+10.
  • Asia - Thursday, 11:59 PM GMT+8.

All Match Scores must be submitted prior to the times listed below:

  • Australia / New Zealand - Friday, 11:59 PM GMT+10.
  • Asia - Sunday, 11:59 PM GMT+8.

Playable Match Days:

  • Australia / New Zealand - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Asia - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We no longer allow the use of a day not listed above for each respective region. We reserve the right to schedule, dictate and change the scheduled time and date.

Time Zones

We use the following Time Zones for both regions:

  • Australia / New Zealand - GMT+10
  • Asia - GMT+8

Match Negotiations / Match Ransoming

All match negotiations need to be completed by the standards above. If teams are unable to decide by this time, you will need to contact the staff team and begin the mediation process.

It is expected that all teams have 4 days that they are able to play their matches (also known as Days of Availability).

Match Ransoming is a term dedicated towards the concept of holding a match to "ransom". In regards to Match Negotiations, failure to commence / complete by the previously stated times, will result in the team who has started Match Negotiations receiving their ideal Match Time and Day, to the discretion of the staff team. Failure to present viable reasoning for why your team cannot play prior to the Match Organization deadline will result in penalty. If a team does not produce this evidence upon request from the opposing captain, they can contact an administrator.

Mediation Process

Notify the staff team about any foreseeable issues, in the event that team captains cannot resolve the issues themselves, the staff team will step in, with bias being towards the team who can meet 4 possible days. As always, we reserve the right to make the final decision in this scenario.

Team Responsibilities

Team responsibilities fall upon the team captains. If no captains are able to fulfill the tasks for the team, designate someone to work with a staff member so that your team does not have penalties incurred.

If you feel your current Captain/s are not representing your team in an appropriate manner, or are simply not organizing and ensuring match details are distributed enough, you can bring evidence to the staff team to apply for a Mutany.


  • Organising / Delivering server details.
  • RCON details given to the acting captain of the away team, in accordance to league standards.

Home & Away

  • Negotiating and finalising match details.
  • Posting all match related details in Match Comms on league website, including scores, mercenaries, logs, etc. Failure to do so results in a Mutual Forfeit, which counts towards both team's Total Forfeit.
  • Notifying staff of disputes / rule breaking.
  • Minimum of 7 rostered players in the game server at all times.
  • Winning Team ensures Score Reporting.


These standards apply to any competitive format we run. Please refer to the rules listed on the Season / Tournament page for more up-to-date and accurate rules for each specific Season or Tournament.

CP - Control Point

Examples: cp_gullywash and cp_vanguard.

CP maps will be played in one 30 minute half where the team with the highest score at the end of 30 minutes, or the first team to 5, will win. If scores are tied at the end of the 30 minutes, a Golden Cap round must be played using the appropriate configuration file. The Golden Cap rules are simple, no time limit and first to 1 round wins. A Golden Cap must be played in a tie situation.

KOTH - King of the Hill

Examples: koth_ashville_rc1 and koth_product_rc9.

KOTH maps will be played in a minimum of two halves with no time limit. The first team to win 2 rounds wins a half. Either team must win Two Halves, reaching a score of 4 round wins to win the match. In the event that there is tied scores over both halves combined, a single Golden Cap round must be played. The rules of this Golden Cap round are simple, no time limit and first to 1 round wins. A Golden Cap must be played in a tie situation. You can use the same config in this situation.

STOPWATCH - Payload / Attack & Defend

Examples: pl_upward and cp_steel.

These maps will be played in 2 halves. One half for these maps is when both teams have had the chance to Attack and Defend. The first team to win 2 halves wins the game. There can be no ties on Payload & Attack/Defend maps.

Class Restrictions

Highlander runs on a maximum of one person per class. Scout is set to unlimited to allow for players to swap around classes without switching to spec.

  • 1 - Scout (unlimited for players to swap if needed)
  • 1 - Soldier
  • 1 - Pyros
  • 1 - Demoman
  • 1 - Heavy
  • 1 - Engineer
  • 1 - Medic
  • 1 - Sniper
  • 1 - Spy


The most up-to-date whitelist can be found on the website.

Server Config

Server configs can be found on our GitHub repository.


Both teams are permitted a maximum of 3 pauses in each match (not per map). Each pause is limited to 5 minutes, but combined will not surpass 10 minutes. How you use the pauses are up to you, but cannot in any circumstances be used within the first 10 minutes of the match.

If the other team permits it, a longer pause can be used. Failure to unpause or go over the allowed time will result in penalties.

POV Recording

All players are expected to record POVs of their matches. Upon request by the staff team, the POV needs to be submitted within 48 hours for the reasons of dispute resolution or any form of allegation. Reports of a player cheating or other disputes may also get your POV requested. If you are unsure on how to do this, we provide a guide in our Highlander Guide. TLDR; These POVs cannot be uploaded video recordings, they must be Player POV Demos (STV Demos are not satisfactory either).

Spectators / Source TV Usage

The staff team are the only people allowed to be present during an official match on spectator. Switching classes during the match, please avoid going to spectator and utilise the scout class limit.

Source TV usage is limited to Administrators and approved casting entities.

Map Selection

Regular Season

During the 8 week period of the Regular Season, the map selection process will be predetermined by us at the start of the season. Map testing will be conducted outside of the season, and while we reserve the ability to decide maps, we will always put map inclusions into a vote for the community.


In playoffs the maps being played in each game will be decided through a pick/ban process. The picks and bans will operate as stated in each season's playoffs post.

The teams will pick and ban from the regular season map pool.


Any unrostered players including those who have a waiting penalty applied for joining in the same week of play are always considered Mercenaries (or Mercs). Eligible Mercenaries require a league account, and cannot have any active bans in the league. Mercenaries cannot be banned by Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) as this will typically result in a league ban anyway.

A maximum of two Mercenaries are allowed per match, but you cannot use the same Mercenary in more than three official matches. This is standard over all competitive formats.

Message the other team’s acting / communicating captain with the SteamID / Profile Link of the Mercenary, they must approve them in order to be eligible. Either teams captain can deny unreasonable Mercenaries, but if they are unreasonable towards your requests, contact the staff team. We reserve the right to make decisions when needed. In accordance with the league’s rules, you are required to put approved Mercenaries profile link or league account name in the match comms.


For any foreseeable reason, mixed with some common sense. If you are unsure if your issue should be disputed, contact us.

Gather evidence such as STV demos or screenshots and submit it to the staff team. It will be reviewed, and a response will be given within 72 hours as to proceeding steps / requirements.


Each round will require 1 map to be played. The winner of this map will be rewarded 4 points on the leaderboard with the losing team gaining no points. Total score will also be tracked based on the amount of points a team scores in a match. Matches where 1 team forfeits will result in the winning team gaining 4 points, with technical forfeits granting each team 2 point. Mutual forfeits will not reward either team.


Teams with the same amount of Points will be seperated on 3 factors. The first will be Tied-Wins. A team’s Tied-Wins score is dependant on the amount of games they have won against teams with the same amount of Points.

The second factor is Total Score. This value is based on the amount of rounds scored in each each match played by a team. For example a game with the score 2-1 would give 2 Total Score to the winning team and 1 Total Score to the losing team.

The final factor is Total wins, which is the amount of map wins a team has. These Tie-Breakers will be prioritised in the order given when deciding a tied situation on the leaderboard. Forfeit wins do not count towards this.

Submitting Scores

After a match is complete one of the team leaders (generally the winning team’s) must submit the scores on their match page. Please submit Logs.TF links and any other needed details here as well. All final submissions must be in before 11:59PM NSW AEST on Friday at the end of match week, with failure to do so resulting in a Technical Forfeit, awarded to the other team.


Win / Loss

Rule breaches during an official game and no contact or attempts to organise the match will result in a forfeit win to the victim team. Both teams will have a maximum of 15 minutes past the agreed upon time to be readied. This means that the team trying to claim a forfeit win must be readied if and only when 9 players are in the game server. If a player disconnects, this is broken, if not, you have 15 minutes from when readied before being able to claim a forfeit win.

While servers are provided through Discord DM’s and Match pages, it is the responsibility of both teams to ensure they are connected to the server. If the Home team’s acting captain does not provide server string prior to match start, they have 5 minutes to do so after, before a technical forfeit can be claimed. Keep in mind that any server or league related issues that get in the way of this will be considered.

Any and all forms of forfeit wins require evidence, chat logs or screenshots to support this. We ask that you maintain use of the match pages, and keep any and all essential details posted in there.

The affected team will receive the same points as a standard win, the offending team will receive a 2 point penalty, which can only be overruled on request with sufficient evidence and means.


The only form of mutual forfeit accepted is if both teams are unable to make a match time in that week, or if nothing is organised by either team after intervention. Mutual forfeits of this nature will result in removal from the league for the remainder of the current season.



Mutual and loss forfeits add up towards a forfeit punishment. Both types of forfeits equally count as 1 forfeit loss. The main punishment for this type of offense will be the disqualification and removal from the current season, and will not receive a medal. Further punishments for this type of offense will be outlined in the criteria below.

Early Forfeits

Early forfeits count as the first week of regular season matches. If a team forfeits the first match of the season, their main captain will be subject to infractions.

Total Forfeits

Total forfeits count as the entire amount of forfeits a team has taken throughout the season. Upon the third forfeit a team will be disqualified and removed from the league, with the Team Owner receiving a season long Captaincy Ban.

Play-Offs and Grand Finals Forfeits

As previously mentioned, notice prior to the Confirmation Date will not incur penalty. For any other need outside of that scenario, contact the staff team. Beware the typical punishment for this offence is immediate removal from the season, a Captaincy Ban for the main Captain, and the possible loss of badges.


The intention of exploiting any aspect of the game for an unfair advantage, whether they are listed in the rules or not, is prohibited.

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Edge bugging / pixel glitching of any kind.
  • Exploiting the map design to enter areas which aren’t regular gameplay, for any means or use.
  • Using scripts/macros that allow you to bypass movement or engine restrictions
  • Other scripts that disrupt hitboxes or gameplay, including but not limited to interpolation switchers, hud_reloadscheme stutters, or anything that causes a networked load on other clients.
  • Placing the Engineer's buildings outside of the map, in indestructible locations or anywhere where it is not visible.

If you are unsure that something is considered an exploit, please contact the staff team and request a ruling to be made.


Usage of external programs (third-party software), hooks or wrappers is strictly prohibited. Typically any software that alters the gameplay that gives the player an unfair advantage. This also encompasses unintended manipulation of game assets and exploiting map / engine glitches.



Captains shoulder the burden of most if not all team issues, and each incident is reviewed. It is not always the fault of the captains however, but everything and anything your team does, falls under your banner.

Disbanding / Removed

Disbanded, removed and disqualified teams all qualify under captaincy punishments.

Some punishments for captains will include captaincy ban for the following season, with further incidents incurring more severe punishments, ranging from permanent captaincy ban to league bans.

Server Usage

Abusive use of any server for official match use by any player on the server, with or without RCON access, will result in immediate disqualification for the entire team, and the possibility of removal from the current season. We expect the RCON is shared only to the other teams captain. The use, or rather misuse, of RCON by a player who is not a team captain can be considered for punishment.

See the Server Administration page for more information regarding Server Hosting / Booking.


All players are expected to act in a civilised manner to ensure a non-toxic environment and promote a fun experience. If players are seen to be unable to uphold a good etiquette during a match, those individuals will receive punishments. Furthermore, as per the request from any player or staff member, chat can be completely restricted.

There is a fine line between ‘friendly’ banter and poor sportsmanship. The use of common sense is required. If you feel you have been wronged in any way, you can dispute it with evidence.

If you are neglecting the objective and a purposefully focusing on spawn-camping the opposing team, that can be considered poor sportsmanship.

Account Usage

Alternate Accounts

Alternative accounts are prohibited to be used.

If you need to have your account switched, a review process will begin. You will need to contact the staff team to handle this.

If found using an alternate account to cheat anywhere else, or using a seperate league account with a different Steam account, will result in an immediate removal for the rest of the season, with a repeating offence being a permanent league ban.


Usage of your account by another party in an official match is restricted. If found sharing the account all players involved will be punished equally. We consider this as a form of cheating, not aliasing or use of an alternate account, therefore punishment rendered will be more severe. Furthermore, if you have a sibling or are a sibling of an existing player, we ask that you come to us first. You still cannot use your sibling's account, but quite often you will have the same IP.


Aliasing as other players with the intent to mislead or have malicious intent upon others will result in a punishment determined by the staff team at the current time. The base level punishment is immediate removal from the current season. Impersonating a league administrator of any league will result in an immediate ban.

Demo Recording

Failing to provide a POV to the staff team within 48 hours will result in the following:

  • First offence - 3 match ban.
  • Second offence - removal from season.
  • On-going offences - removal from the league.

Associated Punishments

Associated punishments are penalties and punishments we recognise as prevalent towards our league, and as such we mirror these penalties and punishments, and we reserve the right to render our own punishment. A punishment rendered by a league for one of the following cases is re-evaluated by our league team, and we make the final decision on what punishment we hand out to you within our league. Any players banned from one of these leagues for something other than cheating, may come forward to the administrators and request their penalties be reviewed, before attempting to participate in the league.

  • Usage of Alternate Accounts
  • Cheating
  • Toxicity / Poor Behaviour

If you are found to be found hiding or trying to involve a player that falls into this category on your roster, you will receive a captaincy ban along with your teams immediate removal from the active season. You have been warned.

League Associations - dictates our associations with other leagues and entities, and how we mirror penalties and punishments.

League Associations

Ready Steady Pan, RGL Prolander and ozfortress are considered associations, but not any form of partnerships or combinations. All associations are separate entities, we merely mirror the above punishments.


Rule Changes

All rules will be subject to change at any moment in time. Changes can include entire rule additions or amendments to existing rules. Ignorance of any or all of the rules is not innocence, you must abide by all rules and fixtures, failure to do so can incur different levels of penalties and punishments.


All Administrators are an extension of the league. They reserve the right to make rules changes that may not be documented here, to further the league and problem solve. If you feel that a member of our Admin Team has wronged you in any way, feel free to bring it up with core (League Director).